Marion Cotillard Gets Baby Bangs, Still Looks Amazing

Confession time: We're not here to gush over Marion's new haircut. Rather, we're here to gush about how she can get baby bangs — one of the trickiest styles around — and still manage to look freaking gorgeous.
Maybe we're just experiencing a shock to the system, but we're not necessarily head-over-heels in love with Marion's new 'do. This is probably because we were so very much in love with her gorgeous, nearly-trademarked waves. She's had bangs before, but not like this, and we've never seen her bob without a bit of curl. Does anyone else see an early Winona Ryder, circa Beetlejuice? The straight hair is presumably temporary, but those uber-short bangs are brand new, and might take a bit of getting used to. But what can we say? Even with her '90s fringe and poker-straight strands, Marion's got it goin' on. Proof positive that a natural beaut will stand out, regardless of the peripherals.
Photo: Masatoshi Okauchi/Rex/Rex USA

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