Where Do D.C.’s Hottest Young Professionals Work? Here’s The List

Take a quick look around your workplace right now — see any hotties? If the answer is no, it's probably because you're not doing the 9-to-5 drill at Living Social, The World Bank, or Vida Fitness. Dating app Hinge just released data ranking Washington's hottest workplaces (sorted by average Hinge ratings of each company's employees — so, take that very unscientific data for what it's worth).
The site has whipped up Top 12 lists for Most Attractive Workforce, Hottest Men, and Hottest Women; the most conversation-worthy finding is that the U.S. Senate ranks #2 in the Hottest Workforce category, while the House of Representatives squeaks by at #11. While we generally prefer not to mix business and pleasure, we can't deny the appeal of a great office romance — so, if you're on the job (and relationship) hunt, here's your cheat sheet. (Guest of a Guest)

Photo: Via Guest of a Guest

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