Allergic To Axe? “Called It,” Says Everyone

We've always insisted that Axe body spray is a serious health hazard, if for no other reason than that we go a little bit insane each time we come across a man who appears to have bathed in the stuff. Though it might not be so bad all on its own in a decent amount, the average user has absolutely no idea when to quit — and the results are quite noxious.
Our suspicions have now been confirmed by a medical case in Pennsylvania, where a student became seriously ill due to an allergic reaction to Axe. The school is now asking students to cease and desist with the popular Unilever fragrance. The brand's parent company says it's looking into the issue, and it's not yet clear what chemical may have caused the reaction. The thing is, we don't hate the smell in and of itself; in fact, many of us get a nostalgic rush of romance past whenever we catch a whiff. But some restraint might be in order.

Photo: Courtesy of Unilever.

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