Watch Nicki Minaj Sorta-Kinda Interview Nicki Minaj

This month, Nicki Minaj covers Elle magazine looking more natural than ever. The interview is raw and less guarded than previous ones, where everything seemed to be about her crazy egos rather than the talented musician and confident woman we know Nicki can be. That didn't stop the folks at Elle from having a little fun, though.
For its behind-the-scenes video, Nicki conducted an interview with...herself. We know Nicki is a woman of many personalities; as of today she's created 15 alter egos, only to retire nine of them. Thanks to Elle, she can add "Nicole" to her roster of alter egos that include a man named Roman, Roman's mother named Martha, a Harajuku Barbie, and, of course, Nicki Minaj. Nicole is the stereotypical fashion girl. She doesn't really know how to interview people, probably runs a poorly curated Tumblr, and isn't really prepared to be around a celebrity idol, but she somehow finagled her way into the fashion world. The real Nicki, playing herself, holds her ground and is spot-on in her rendition of the awkward pauses after each response, hair twirling, and the I'm-trying-to-listen blank stare.

Video/Photo: Courtesy of ELLE.

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