Keep Sipping, NYC: Bloomberg's Soda Ban Denied

Our dear old Mayor Bloomberg has had a pretty good track record in the public health department so far, and rarely do process and policy stand in the way of him getting what he wants. But this time, he's been thwarted.
The oft-discussed "soda ban" was scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, but today a judge invalidated it on the grounds that it was "arbitrary and capricious," The New York Times reports. Justice Tingling of the State Supreme Court said the ban was too inconsistent, and only applied to some specific types of drinks and establishments. Bloomberg plans to challenge the decision, and we're guessing he's fuming, considering his team was already knee-deep in preparations. Just hours before the ruling, Mr. Bloomberg had expressed complete confidence in the carbonator crusher, saying he didn't expect much opposition.
Since its first proposal, this measure has been surrounded by controversy — but we, personally, still expected to see it pass. Do you think the judge made the right call? Or were you looking forward to introducing this mandatory lower-cal decision into your daily diet?

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