10 Phrases Commonly Used In Fancy, Non-Shady Apartment Listings

Apartment searching is like reaching your hand into a bag blindfolded and fumbling around for something that feels right, while simultaneously hoping the mystery object won't bite you. A Craigslist post advertising a two-bedroom apartment close to transportation with tons of light and modern appliances could really mean a one-room apartment that can be divided into two small closets with windows facing a brick wall, appliances from the late '90s, and a fifteen minute walk to the subway. Choosing the wrong buzzword to advertise a listing could make or break a deal. "New hardwood floors" is a lot more appetizing than "clean, polished linoleum." As the housing season begins, real estate tracker Trulia has put together a list of the top-ten buzzwords used on the site's most expensive listings...and the cheapest.
Multi-million dollar homes — excuse us — "magnificent estates" most commonly advertise "parlor floors," "paneled libraries," and "two powder rooms" (that last bit should be a given, no?). At the other end of the spectrum, you could get 100 houses with "lead paint substance notices" for the price of one home with "formal gardens," or over 50 "starter home investment properties" for one "once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity." For instance, a "cute little bungalow" may average a little over $60,000. One man's fixer-upper could be another man's dream cottage, but the point is: A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the worth of a word seems to be millions. (Business Insider)

Phrases in the most expensive listings (all prices are average)

Parlor floor: $4,935,632

Formal gardens: $4,006,401

Paneled library: $3,740,836

Magnificent estate: $3,646,040

Lutron lighting: $3,524,588

Public rooms: $3,451,456

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: $3,402,801

Highest level: $3,388,751

Motor court: $3,359,954

Two powder rooms: $3,346,560

Phrases in the least expensive listings (all prices are average)

Minimum commission applies: $27,569

Lead-based paint notices: $39,939

Mold-like substance: $45,094

Defective paint: $45,974

City inspection: $55,661

Repair plumbing system: $59,064

Cute little bungalow: $61,870

Septic repairs: $62,004

Hud owned offered as-is: $64,547

Starter-home investment property: $65,041

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