London Is The Divorce Capital Of The World. Wait, Really?

How is your Monday shaping up? Peachy? Well this factoid might put a fly in the ointment. Turns out, London is the divorce capital of the world. Yes, really. Our fair city has allegedly earned this title for its generous divorce laws and speedy judicial system.
It all boils down to marital property laws. Since a landmark divorce case in 2000, an idea has been introduced that the main “breadwinner” in a divorcing couple shouldn’t keep all of the excess money once both individuals have covered all their costs. The money should be divided equally.
We don’t have much personal experience with divorce but we have followed quite a few high-profile break-up settlements in recent years. Heather Mills with her £24.3 million and Slavica Ecclestone with her reported £750 million, to name just a few. We wonder whether these huge sums help to lessen the emotional impact divorce has on a person? Probably not. And definitely not for the person doing the paying. What do you think, though? Is this a step toward equality (being an actual 50/50 split in most cases) or a movement in an unfair direction that's giving us a bad name? (The Guardian)

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures