James Franco Bleached His Hair & Went To NASCAR. That Is All.

Just what doesn't James Franco do? Much like you (we assume), we have asked that question many a time.
Movie-wise, March promises to show off two very different sides of the modern-day Renaissance man. First he's getting in on the CGI action in Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful, then doing a 180 as a cornrowed Miami drug dealer in Harmony Korine's much-hyped shocker, Spring Breakers. But, before all that, while assuming the role of Grand Marshal at the Dayton 500 this past Sunday, the jack of all trades (and master of...some) debuted a whole new look: bleach-blonde hair. Why? Who knows.
Perhaps Marina Abramović will get to the root of it all in the James Franco biopic she's working on. Or perhaps he'll create some kind of art installation to elucidate the matter. But either way, there's no doubt the actor/student/author/artist/college professor/sculptor/person is attempting to convey some existential meaning through it. And we'll just have to shake our heads and accept it — once he deigns to share that greater truth with us. (Huffington Post)
jamesfranco Image via The Huffington Post

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