Donate Your Old Furs To Comfort Baby Animals

No matter what side of the fur debate you are on, it's difficult not to find your hardened insides softening just a tad after this read. Buffalo Exchange, where your American Apparel cast-offs find second life, is asking those of you to donate any coats, stoles, hats, mittens, vests, or other items that are made of, trimmed in, or lined with real fur no matter their condition. Pretty straightforward, so far.
Here is where this drive ("Coats for Cubs") gets a little weird, creepy, and ultimately adorable. Once donated, Buffalo Exchange will send your garment to wildlife rehabilitators, who will refashion the fur into a surrogate parent for orphaned wild animals. Now, some of you out there may think that tailoring a former stole into a substitute mother for a fox, skunk, squirrel, or other woodland creature borders on the Lynchian, but we find it heartwarming. Castaways become the comfort that these parentless creatures crave. Just think, grandma's old coat or that wrap your PETA friends guilt you about could soon be snuggling a poor, wayward fox kit. Awww.
So, remember, if you have some fur hanging around, get down to your nearest Buffalo Exchange anywhere in the U.S. between between January 15 and April 22 (Earth Day!), to help this sweet, well-meaning, little cause. (Oregon Live)

Photo: Courtesy of Coats For Cubs


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