Brad Pitt Is Fighting Zombies In New World War Z Trailer And We’re Kinda Into It

2012 and the end of the world has come and gone, but the zombie apocalypse is still circling around the zeitgeist. The newest installment to the undying genre (badum-ch) comes to theaters this June with Brad Pitt at the helm. The latest preview — set to air during this Sunday's Beyoncé concert Super Bowl — jam packs a hot thirty seconds with global zombie havoc, New York City in flames, some really intense horn blasts, and, oh yeah, Brad Pitt (whose rugged middle-aged good looks are apparently brought into greater relief by the threat of imminent death by zombies). If bath salts ever make a comeback and a zombie pandemic does wind up sweeping the globe, it's comforting to know that ol' Mr. Handsome is fighting to save us ( can dream, right?). Oh, and Brad, love your super-chic bob. So trendy right now!

Photo/Video: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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