The Most Popular Dog Breeds & Names In NYC — By ‘Hood!

Ever wanted to know what the top mythological dog name is in New York City? Were you aware that the West Village has a penchant for Labs named Charlie? If our office's neighborhood (Nolita) was a dog, it'd be a Yorkie named Lola. We found out all of this very crucial information (and more!) at WNYC's comprehensive and beautifully designed New York City dog atlas.
Through surveys, close observations, and careful scrutiny of the dog license registration, WNYC has compiled various top 10 lists of puppy monikers from movies, myths, drinks, and even the Bible. Then, the canine-loving site goes down to the most popular breeds, based on neighborhoods and borough. There's even a dog T-shirt generator — and, wait for it — if you're feeling up for a challenge, WNYC has put together a Dogs of NYC Name Game (Full disclosure: We tried it and kinda kicked assl). One interesting fact? There are 83 dogs registered in New York with the name Gucci, and only three called Manolo. The more you know...

Image: Via WNYC