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Don’t Call Us Shirley: 15 Women’s Names That Are Disappearing, Stat

There's nothing worse than an uber-trendy baby name. Tabletop Appletini is no way to name a kid (and you know there's some unfortunate out there with those words on their birth certificate). And perhaps as a result of the proliferation of exactly these types of names, on the other end of the spectrum, a handful of classic names are disappearing quickly. Just look around you — how many Blanches or Rosemaries or Myrtles are in your midst?
Don't get us wrong, we love these old-school names, and we'd gladly bestow most of them upon our children. And, if you're a 30-something living in Brooklyn who would describe her decor style as "French country-rustic/urban-kitsch," this Styleblazer roundup is basically your most necessary book of baby names. But if you've got a GOOP subscription and/or a tendency towards all things new-age, you might be glad to see 'em go. (Styleblazer)

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