Want To Get Married Downton Abbey Style? It’ll Cost You

Breaking news, everyone: Living like Lord Grantham doesn't come cheap. But for those with extra $$ (more like, $$$$) and real determination, there's a way to make it happen. Highclere Castle, the real-life relic that serves as a set for hit show Downton Abbey, is open for weddings for the low price of $24,069. Per day.
Or at least that's about what it cost these folks, who decided to turn fairytale dreams into reality, when they wed at the castle. This almost-too-adorable video has the bride getting ready in a castle bedroom (Could that be Mary's boudoir?), then walking down the stairs to meet Mr. Right at the bottom. Our one complaint is that the shot of the guests milling around outside is shockingly disorganized — they should have been standing in a perfect line, dressed in livery just like the servants do whenever a guest arrives! Mr. Carson would not approve. (People)
Let's assume you do have the cash lying around. Would you splurge for this honor? Would it be a regular wedding in a fancy castle, or straight up Downton cosplay?

Photo: Courtesy of Highclere Castle.

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