The Perfect Woman? Your Average Female Mac User Wears Sneakers, Has Freckles

We all know what a Mac man looks like. But what about his female counterpart? Well, apparently, she's a pretty good-looking young woman (emphasis on the young: 52% of female Mac users surveyed were under 20 years old). Technology blog The Next Web surveyed thousands of fans and put together this interesting infographic on what Ms. Mac 2012, as she is known, looks like — and what she wears! Her preference for flip-flops and sneakers indicates she's not exactly a fashion risk-taker; however, a respectable portion prefers blouses, so she's no slob. (The Next Web)
Does this lady look familiar to you? And, more importantly, is she cute enough to make you ditch your PC?

Graphic: Courtesy of The Next Web; Photo: Courtesy of Apple.

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