LinkedIn’s Most Overused Professional Buzzwords Tell Quite A Story

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a creative, motivated, responsible multinational with a lot to offer your company. I believe I would make an excellent addition to your company because of my analytical outlook and my responsible, effective nature. Despite being highly specialized, I am also quite experimental.
Please don't call me.


Your potential employee

Sound weird? That's basically a summary of every resume on LinkedIn, according to stats gathered by the social networking site. And yeah, it's pretty boring. This year's analysis tracked word usage in resumes among 187 million users — and despite adding 50 million more since last year, "creative" was still the number one word on people's profiles. Either the human race has improved significantly since we last checked, or 49.999 million of those people are faking it. If you're not creative enough to come up with a word other than creative, then, well....
So, are you guilty of using any of these all-too-common buzzwords? We've certainly dabbled in some of them, although "experimental" is still pretty rare stateside. Maybe Brazil is onto something. (LinkedIn)

Image: Courtesy of LinkedIn

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