Good To Know: ConEd's Power Outage Map Is Fun, Informative

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UPDATE: Power is back in the East Village! This isn't a ConEd report, this is real — we've heard it from multiple people and our office network is back online. More to come! UPDATE: Now ConEd is saying power will begin coming back on at midnight, and continue gradually all day Saturday. Then again, they also Tweeted that they expect to have "a majority of customers" with power by November 11. So...good?
UPDATE: Sorry, folks. Looks like ConEd is now saying power actually won't be back until tomorrow, despite their statement earlier this morning. Bloomberg news confirms with an updated story that restoration is now moved to tomorrow, though two of the underground power networks should be back on today, providing electricity for some customers.
UPDATE: ConEd reports that power will be back on tonight for all of Manhattan! (BusinessWeek)
There's nothing like an interactive feature to next-level time-sucking on the internet (beat the old "Wikepedia hole" excuse). But here's a point-and-click that's actually useful and, for the most part, uplifting: ConEd's amazing, ever-changing, engaging outage map gives not only information about where outages are happening but also offers specific hours for (some) power restorations. You can even zoom in and search the info for your particular address! While the overall prognosis is still black-out, there's something reassuring about knowing your neighbors are in the same boat and that you're all in it together. (Silver lining: Now's the best time to make some new friends!).
Check it out, and keep refreshing — information is being updated all the time. Oh, and by the way — just got word via ConEd's Twitter that power should be back within three days for most in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Photo: Courtesy of ConEd.

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