Political Mudslinging Inspires Halloween’s Latest Costume Craze

Why is Big Bird this year’s hottest Halloween costume? Because he's amazing. Oh, and also, during last week’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney threatened to ax PBS’s subsidies and singled out Big Bird as the personification of tax-dollar waste. The Obama campaign, in turn, released an ad that blasted Romney for attacking Sesame Street’s feathered friend. However, the folks at Sesame Street are none too pleased with Big Bird’s use as political fodder and have asked the Obama campaign to remove him from their ads. We're just happy that Elmo has managed to escape the political fray unscathed!
Now, lo and behold, the political backbiting has resulted in a spike in Big Bird costume sales. Halloween stores across the city have been selling out, experiencing a noticeable increase in demand since the recent controversy. "Three people came in and bought the costumes [the day after the debate]," said Sarafina Panasside, a cashier at the Halloween Adventure costume shop in NYC.
We don't know about you, but we've been inspired. We might even take a stroll down Sesame Street come Halloween. But no need to stick to just the "tax-guzzling" Big Bird! Why not try Sexy Big Bird, 1% Big Bird, Occupy Big Bird, Big Bird's drag alter ego Wig Bird...come on people, get creative.
Not sold? Get more ideas for your Halloween getup on our ultimate Halloween Guide on Facebook. (NYTimes)
Photo: Courtesy of NYTimes

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