TMI: Morning After Photos For Newlyweds

We're all for stepping out of the box when it comes to wedding photography. But by the end of summer, we've seen way too many repetitive images of a beautiful bride on a beach that look like they belong in a frame in the home décor section of Target. Luckily, a new photography trend has emerged, but it's not necessarily the creative offshoot we were hoping for.
Apparently, more and more brides and grooms are opting for something called "morning after photography" — in which a cameraperson accompanies the happy couple into their honeymoon suite to shoot them in all manner of undress. While the idea of celebrating the consummation of 10 exhausting hours of cake-eating and champagne-swigging sounds cute, the post-nuptials bedroom is about the last place on earth we'd want to deal with a third wheel. The worst part about all this? These photos will inevitably end up on your Facebook newsfeed because your cousin's friend's dad's girlfriend thinks they're soooo cute. (She Finds)
Do you like the idea of documenting your first night as a married couple? Or, is the morning after between you, your mate, and a strong cup of coffee?

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