A Dressy Man V-Neck? Joshua Jackson Actually Makes It Work

When it comes to playing dress up, the guys have it tough. Suit pants and a button down or.... suit pants and a button down? But this week, Joshua Jackson showed us how to mix it up right. Pairing a simple black V-neck T-shirt with rag & bone's Ellington suit, Jackson was a style star all his own while supporting girlfriend/hottie/everything, Diane Kruger, at the NYC premier of her new film Farewell, My Queen. We've always been a fan of the rule-breaking navy-and-black combo, but on Joshua Jackson this (and everything else) just seems to pop all that much more. Really, it takes a rare man to pull of the semi-deep V, an article of clothing usually reserved for Greenhouse-going cheeseters. What do you think of his charming boyish looks fancy but laid-back look? To V or not to V...that is the question.
Photo: Courtesy of rag & bone

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