Our Street Style Photog Snags A Show At Argo Tea!

What goes perfectly with a giant Bubble Tea? We think an arsenal of numerous Chicago street style pictures is the perfect pairing. Amy Creyer, one of Refinery29's awesome contributors, currently has an exhibit up at Argo Tea, and as an avid tea-drinker, she was stoked to display her artwork at there, which is located right behind The Gap on Michigan Avenue. Amy decided display her work from the Electric Forest Festival, Pitchfork Music Festival, and plenty of her personal favorites snapped in the last year. So, while you're sipping away, enjoying a spot of tea, you can also get inspired by the diversity that Chicago street style is known for—the most refreshing thing of all. Make sure to stop by and take a look at some of these super-chic 'n' stylish locals. Did you spot your pic? Tell us!
Argo Tea, 550 North Saint Clair Street (between Grand Avenue and Ohio Street); 312-546-4790.

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