Bag Stalking! The Hottest Handbag Snaps Around San Francisco

Weather be damned, one item that’s always appropriate to flaunt in this city of up-and-down temps is an ab-fab bag. And perhaps that’s why S.F. ladies have so many amazing options in their impressive arsenals. Because we’re sort of creepers when it comes to accessories, we stalked the cutest styles hanging on the shoulders and arms of some of the city’s most sartorially inspired. From the cult-worshiped Proenza PS1, possessed by a lucky local shop-owner, to a clutch that resembles a rolled-up newspaper, we’ve scoured the streets and shops for the best of the best, then spiced them up with a little Instagram action. Take a look at our colorful summer-rific slideshow to battle that humpday lag with a blast of tote-ally rad inspiration.

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