11 Hot Chicago Bachelors You Need To Meet Now

In a never-ending quest to provide our beloved readers with hookups of every kind, we've decided to get back to basics and focus on everyone's favorite hot topic–single guys. Before you seasoned dating veterans go thinking Chicago's got a shallow dating pool, take a dip with us in totally uncharted waters. We've hand-picked 11 of Chicago's most eligible bachelors to visually and intellectually delight you, and hopefully send you off blissfully into romance. Aim high! Since our bachelors are a smart crop of driven, professional, and—okay, lets say it—hot Chicagoans, we're about to demolish any doubt that Chicago isn't a singles' scene worth looking into. We admit it was hard work locating just the right group of guys to represent the fine single gentleman Chicago has to offer, but somebody's gotta do it, right? We're hoping our efforts renew your dating strength and inspire you to get in the dating game and...you know...score.

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