How To Create A Work Uniform

The thing with work outfits is, you have to spend all day in that shit – putting yourself out there and being the best human version of yourself, so it's very important that you get it right. It says something about you.
Depending on where you work of course, you must be professional in your context, and yet expressive of who you are; interesting but not polarising. As much as I loathe myself for saying this, a work uniform is basically an exercise in personal branding. It’s got me far; people asking ‘who's that gobby Chinese goth in the white socks and the inappropriate crown of roses? Yeah, let’s just give her that project.’ Being memorable can’t hurt in a sea of competition.
Question is, what makes you feel and look good every day? AND, importantly, has a waistband that allows you to ingest an emergency burrito.
Now I don't know about you but I haven't got time to ponder my identity every morning between walking the dog and queuing for the L-train. So over the years, I’ve put some basic ground rules down so I can enjoy getting dressed in the morning. The aim is to appear at once entirely effortless and yet astound crowds with the symmetry of your brow swag. Here's how to create a uniform without bleeding money...

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