Who Is Canadian Singer & TikTok Phenom Tate McCrae?

TikTok phenom Tate McCrae wants people to know that the writing in her songs is like her therapy. "So listening to my songs is like a secret pathway to my brain." Learn what makes her tick here.
Photographed by Mikayla Miller
Kaimn Coat; Goodfight Picadilly Denim Trousers; Annie Costello Brown La Cruz Weave Gold Earrings.
Name: Tate McRae
Age: 18 
Hometown: Calgary 
Pronouns: She//her
TikTok: @tatemcrae1
Sun sign: Cancer 
Rising sign: Virgo
Phone background: A car and a moon 
Where you’ve seen me: At the studio recording an album
Where you’ll see me next: Festivals!!!!
Photographed by Mikayla Miller
Milk White Coat; Matania Top; Goodfight Shoots and Ladders Trousers; Stinky Jewelz Necklace.
Cause(s) I’m passionate about: Mental health awareness
Fictional character: Damon Salvatore
Comfort food: Toast
Role model: Zendaya
Song I know all the lyrics to: A lot of songs
Hobby: If you don’t already know, I love to dance. I’ve been dancing all my life. I can’t wait for my live shows coming up so everyone can see that I’m not just a singer or just a dancer, I’m both.” 
Three items I can’t live without: Phone, inhaler, elastic band
Curse word: Fuck
Photographed by Mikayla Miller
ANNAKIKI Printed Top; 51 E John ANNAKIKI Jacket; Constraint Collection Lip Ring. 
Role: Voice of a character on Nickelodeon’s Lalaloopsy
Pet: My old dog, Jessie, who was a black lab
Couple I stanned: Tom Holland & Zendaya 
Teen show I loved: Gossip Girl 
Performance story: I was just 6, I think. I thought I was the star at my dance recital — in reality, I was brutal. 
Time my alarm goes off in the morning: 9 a.m.
Time I saw myself represented in music: I have always been a huge fan of Dua Lipa. Not only is she an incredible artist and a big idol for me as a woman in the industry right now, but her style is unmatched. I feel like fashion-wise she always brings something new to the table.
Photographed by Mikayla Miller
Self Made Suit; Rick Owens Ankle Boots; James Oro Sunglasses; Anita Berisha Necklace.
Show I binged: Vampire Diaries
Movie I saw: Think Like a Man 
Book I read: milk and honey by rupi kaur
Person I texted: My mother 
Weird Instagram buy: Apple cider vinegar gummies
Last time I felt proud of myself: During a writing session last week. Victoria Zaro and I wrote a really cool song that we both were obsessed with. 
Photographed by Mikayla Miller
ANNAKIKI Top; Milk White Printed Bra Top; Another Feather Rings; Goodfight Picadilly Denim Trousers; Le Sel Earrings.
How I want to change the world: By making meaningful music 
How my generation will change the world: Speaking up for themselves 
Dream duet: Post Malone 
If I weren’t singing, I’d be: Dancing every day
Dream dinner guests: Leonardo DiCaprio, Timothée Chalamet, and Zendaya. That would be iconic. 

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