The Latest Viral Instagram Trend Is A Simple Lockdown Distraction

Photo: Serena Brown.
Instagram trends come and go – remember the "Mannequin Challenge" of 2016 and the "Ice Bucket Challenge" of 2014? More recently, Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive Challenge" helped to spread the message that rigorous house-washing is essential to preventing the spread of Coronavirus.
The latest viral Instagram challenge isn't quite as creative of those, but it's a harmless enough way to stave off boredom while self-isolating.
It's called the "Until Tomorrow Challenge" and it's incredibly simple to join in with. All you need to do is post a silly or slightly embarrassing photo of yourself on Instagram with the caption "until tomorrow". Once it's posted, you need to resist the urge to delete it for a full 24 hours.
The Until Tomorrow Challenge is going viral because it can reel in new participants without them realising it. When a follower likes your #UntilTomorrow picture, you're supposed to DM them with an instruction that they should post their own.
A typical DM might read: "So…. you liked my post, so you have to post an embarrassing picture of yourself. For the caption you’re ONLY allowed to write 'until tomorrow' and you can only tag me."
Pretty clever, no?
At the time of writing, more than a million Instagram posts have been shared with the #UntilTomorrow hashtag, though some of them aren't quite as silly or embarrassing as you'd hope. Guys, it's only a challenge if the photo's one you'd never normally dream of sharing.
Sadly, self-isolating celebrities don't seem to have cottoned on yet, but it's surely only a matter of time before someone fun like Chrissy Teigen or Maya Jama joins in. In the meantime, be careful what you like on Instagram, or you might find yourself getting a DM asking you to participate.

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