Cervical Orgasms Exist & Here's How To Have One

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For many people with vaginas, the cervix is uncharted territory that only comes up in conversation during a smear test. But some cervix-owners and sex experts claim that it's possible to have a cervical orgasm, which makes that body part suddenly more interesting to get to know.
It's okay to be skeptical about cervical orgasms, because there's no solid research confirming their existence, and some experts aren't entirely sold on it even from an anecdotal standpoint. "The cervical orgasm concept is potentially authentic, but personally I question whether this is more of a whole body experience that's producing a releasing effect," says Patti Britton, PhD, clinical sexologist.
In other words, there are a few other mechanisms throughout the body that could potentially produce a so-called cervical orgasm, and not much medical evidence either way. "But that doesn't mean it isn't there," Dr. Britton says. On the off chance it still sounds like a fun thing you'd like to try, here's what you need to know about the elusive cervical orgasm, including how to have one, according to Dr. Britton:
How do some people have cervical orgasms?
It's complicated, because while some people certainly do experience a degree of sensation in their cervix during an orgasm, there are not many nerve endings in the cervix. More likely, a cervical orgasm is just a result of other nerves being stimulated, like those located in the clitoris, Dr. Britton says. "It's quite possible that some women do have innervation or nerve conduction, and therefore sensation at the cervix or near the cervix," she says. "But it's not a common place for women to report orgasmic response."
However, some sex researchers believe that there is a "sacred spot" or "goddess spot" just under the cervix, Dr. Britton says. According to this theory, "if the penile head had hit that spot, it would provoke an ecstatic orgasmic response," she says. (We're assuming the same is true for toys or fingers.) The cervix is shaped like a donut, and is made of pliable cartilage that feels like the end of your nose. The middle of the donut is highly sensitive for some reason. "When the right fit happens, and there's a solid pow to that sensor, it could produce a feeling or sensation," she says. "Whether that produces orgasm is really up to that individual."
Can you teach yourself to have a cervical orgasm?
Maybe! If you're someone who requires clitoral stimulation to orgasm, don't write off deep penetration, Dr. Britton says. "So often, women report that they need direct or indirect clitoral stimulation, but they fail to report they also need something inter-vaginally," she says. In sexology, there's a term called "containment," which is the feeling you get when a penis, dildo, or object is pressing on the inside of your vagina, she says. "If somebody is a self-stimulator, or they're only a clit girl, it may be that they want to play with deeper probing." If you're having partnered sex, switch around the speed and depth of your thrusts, and see if that stimulates a deeper response than you're used to, she suggests.
What if it hurts to touch your cervix?
Be gentle when you're experimenting with different objects near your cervix, because it's an entirely new sensation, and can cause pressure or pain, Dr. Britton says. Some experts suggest using a stone or crystal toy to touch your cervix, but "you have to be careful that you're not going to bang the cervix itself," she says. "One of the things that happens to some women is they actually can become cyst-y around the cervix." While these cervical cysts can be normal, if they're bonked or broken, it can be painful or cause an infection.
Timing also matters, too. When someone with a vagina is aroused, typically the cervix will ascend slightly, which is called "tenting." So, waiting until you are turned on already to go deep might make it feel a little more pleasurable. Ultimately, keep in mind that everyone's cervix is built differently — if yours is built to orgasm, well, here's to the fun nights you've got ahead of you.

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