25 Alternatives To The Wedding Hat

It’s that time of year again – our feet hurt from dancing, we’re spending, on average, a weekend a month in a bed and breakfast in a town we’ve never heard of, and a resurgence of carpooling is a harsh reminder of the true value of calling shotgun.

It’s wedding season.

The thing is, life’s practically wedding-less until your mid twenties, then WHAM – before you know it, you’re on first name terms with the lady that manages gift registers at John Lewis (hi Ange). Does anyone else have questions? How much should we spend on presents, does the bride actually care if we wear black and – most confusing of all – what the bloody hell do we wear on our head?

Tradition calls for something oversized with mesh and feathers (are they feathers?) poking out the top. But aren’t wedding hats a little, well, naff? Fascinators are too, right? A bit dated and tacky with a silly elastic band that guarantees the presence of a double chin in the wedding pics.

Don't panic guys – we've searched high and low and found 25 cool girl alternatives to the wedding hat.
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Use your hair

You’ll need a bit of skill for this one, but if you can face a summer of bumping into ex’s in the middle of a barn with blaring Dexys Midnight Runner as the soundtrack to drunken tears, you can handle a plait halo.

Once you’ve mastered your braid of choice, give it some accessories. & Other Stories offer really elegant grey pearl pins (click on), and have you used hair rings yet? They’re brilliant and trick people into thinking you’ve made way more effort than you have.

Remember that scene in Sliding Doors where Gwyn’s wearing red flowers in her hair? Tell us that’s not better than a hat! Accessorize have got almost the exact same thing, but nothing’s stopping you from using real flowers (tiny clusters of gypsophila would look stunning).

Or if you just want a ponytail, an ASOS flower hair tie (click on) is giving you your morning back.

Accessorize velvet hibiscus flower hair clips, £8

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Clip it

If you’re not really into the headgear thing but don’t want to miss out completely, then you’re going to need some simple clips. Once again ASOS has come through for us with their sweet flower hair grip. If, by the end of summer, you’ve been to so many weddings you’ve become immune to flowers, then there are loads of other options.

Orelia has silver bling stars (click on) and H&M green and blue jewels. Weave Monki’s cupid’s arrow through a messy side fishtail or clip in a kitsch pearl hair chain at the back – like a necklace for your hair.

ASOS sweet flower clip, £5

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Tie A Bow

The cheapest hat replacement option? Bows.

Wrap them around a top knot or a messy high ponytail. Keep the bow part short, so it holds its shape, and the ends nice and long.

Buy gorgeous ribbon if you can – the red lace at John Lewis will take those ballerina references straight out of your mind – but if you can’t be bothered, Urban Outfitters have some pre-bowed hair ties in black and rose. Forever 21 has loads of cheap hair accessories too (click on), including thick hair tie bows in black, white and pink. Wear with a casual low pony to counteract the cuteness.

Urban Outfitters black satin bow hair bobble, £6

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Banging headbands

Tiaras are a legitimate trend this season (see SS16 Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu) but, like that white dress that looks amazing on you, it’s just not worth the snarky comments on the big day. Instead, get an embellished headband.

The Johnny Loves Rosie headband stands upright, so it’s just like a hat, and Orelia’s offering is smothered in gold lace and tiny pearls. Even Mango are doing them, with tiny gold bows and stars. Got a big head? It happens – wear the ASOS wedding flower vine comb in the same way you would a hairband. Same gorgeous look, no next day behind-the-ear pain.

ASOS wedding flower wine hair comb, £8

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Take A Risk

Weddings are the best excuse all year to wear something silly on your head – let’s make the most of it. Be inspired by Shoshanna Shapiro with cute cat ears from New Look or twist pom pom hair ties into your ‘do (click on) with Topshop’s various bold colour combos.

Crowns for your bun are now a thing – yeah, you heard us – and Kitsch have a gold one with art deco arches (click on), or ASOS have a corker that doubles as a hair band. See? It doesn’t even matter that you’re not wearing a new dress.

New Look crystal cat ear alice band, £3.99

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Wrap it up

And now here’s something for every hair style – a head scarf. Remember, you’re at a wedding. Cotton bandanas are a no. Go silk or, if the weather isn’t holding up, velvet to keep your noggin warm. Wear as a turban with textured hair down or tie at the nape of your neck like Carey Mulligan’s Daisy Buchanan.

The pastel tile pattern at ASOS is perfect, or you can nip to the local charity shops and grab a handful for a fiver. Feeling flush? The bright Grayson Perry silk scarf from the Tate will hush the tuts of any Nan who sees you hatless and says you aren’t making an effort. The blue velvet knot headband at Kitsch fakes it well, too.

ASOS pastel tile scarf, £8

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