8 Black Bean Burgers That Are Worth Going Vegetarian For

Photo: Courtesy of Pure Ella.
Burger-lovers don't all have to be meat-lovers. And we're not just talking about subbing in any old frozen veggie or vegan patty here; we're talking about making black bean burgers from scratch this summer. Why? Because black bean burgs are an easy, tasty, and meat-free alternative to one of our favourite cookout staples.
Beans add moist texture to what can be otherwise be a dull, dry, and flavourless patty. They also add a kick of creamy flavour depth that can be complimented by just about any other added ingredients. So take your pick: whether it's sweet potatoes, spicy jalapeños, zesty spices and herbs, or even just a bit of your favourite grains — we've got those recipes and more ahead. Now all you need to do is line up your favourite buns and craft condiments.

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