9 Things Vegans Find Annoying

photographed by Anna Jay.
Happy Vegan Day! In case you hadn't noticed, being vegan is very "in" right now. Of course, food choices shouldn't ever be "in" or "out". You should eat what makes you happy. But it is noted that avoiding animal products is a positive thing you can do to help with the sustainability issues our planet is facing. So, if veganism is for you, wave goodbye to eggs, say adios to steak. Set fire to mountains of brie and manchego. Do what makes you feel good.
Just because your vegan lifestyle is making you feel good though, doesn't mean it comes without its own set of issues. In this age of the vegan fad, it can get a little tiring answering things like "IS QUORN VEGAN" on a daily basis (answer: some is, some isn't), or getting yet another eye roll from Aunty Carol at Christmas dinner when you explain once more for the cheap seats in the back that no, your veganism isn't a phase.
To help everyone be more mindful of the vegans in their lives, I lured two Refinery29 vegans (Nina Joyce, PR Director and Sadhbh O'Sullivan, Social Media Editor) into a conversation using a packet of seitan and asked them what they find most annoying about being vegan. Click through to find their answers.
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Dry-ass bean burgers

Dry-ass bean burgers in gastropubs

Bean burgers can be delicious. How do I know? Because I make them that way. So why kitchens continue to churn out throat-scrapingly dry, under-seasoned, dry-as-a-cracker-in-a-desert bean burgers is beyond me. There are literally thousands of recipes online for vegan food, just pick a single one to use on your menu instead of the same old bean burger you’re forcing me to eat.
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Mushroom burgers

The portobello mushroom

Speaking of bad burgers: portobello mushroom does NOT a burger make. It's a cop-out and you know it. Stop lying to us and, more importantly, stop lying to yourself.
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The healthy myth

People thinking it's healthy

You look me in the eye and tell me that my mid-afternoon snack of chips followed by three homemade chocolate chip and rosemary cookies for dinner was "healthy".

Also, the constant talk about health can be very bad for people with eating disorders, both current and former (like me). So stop it.
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But what about...?

People not understanding the term "animal products"

"Not even cheese?"

"Not even milk?"

"What about chocolate?"

"Not even fish? They don’t have feelings."
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The vegan stereotype

Other vegans

Sorry to be a traitor to the cause but some vegans are very annoying. If you choose to do something positive with your lifestyle, there’s a slight negation if you constantly piss off everyone around you by being overly vocal about it.
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Sweet potato curry

Sweet potato curry

Sweet potato curry is good. Sweet potato curry is nice. But variation is the spice of life and it's like every non-vegan that ever did and ever will host a dinner party made a blood pact to serve sweet potato curry as an appeasement to attending vegans. Enjoy eating what will be your third sweet potato curry this week while everyone else comments on how surprisingly tasty vegan options can be.
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Targeted advertising

Being served advertising like this because you read a lot of vegan cooking sites.
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The money misconception

"It's much cheaper to be vegan"

I mean... technically? But if you're using this as a line to try and persuade other people to drop the dairy (and other animal accoutrements), you're making huge assumptions about people's lifestyles and priorities. Sure, it's cheaper if you have the time to plan out meals and buy in bulk, and the wherewithal to make sure your fresh produce doesn't go off, but many people don't. If you have kids and you've just worked a double for minimum wage it's not likely you're going to pick making a dal over cheap 'n' cheerful McDonald's. If you are in that exact situation and manage to be vegan – congrats, that's amazing! But remember not everyone can. Respect people's choices for God's sake, they know their lives better than you.

Also, vegan options when you're out and about can still be extortionate.
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Milk sticking its beak in

Milk randomly being added to things that just do not need milk

Crisps – I’m looking at you.

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