Typology Is The New Skincare Brand Under £25 – & French Women Love It

Photographed by Jacqueline Kilikita
Every once in a while, a new skincare brand comes along and grabs the attention of influencers, editors and beauty lovers alike. Earlier in the year, it was ASOS exclusive, Skin Proud and NYC-adored Biossance. This summer, ultra chic French skincare brand Typology scoops the top spot.
If you haven't yet tried anything from Typology, you're likely to have spotted it on social media. The apothecary-style dropper bottles with a modern twist and classic monochrome labels make the brand Instagram gold. But it isn't all about aesthetics.
Just like results-driven brands such as The Ordinary and The Inkey List, Typology places a focus on minimal formulas and proven ingredients at effective percentages to really make a difference. We're talking 10% glycolic acid for exfoliation, 2% salicylic acid to unclog pores, 0.3% retinol for targeting fine lines and 100% squalane to quench dry skin.
Here's everything you need to know about navigating the cool new brand, depending on your skin type.
The best Typology skincare product for acne-prone skin: Local Blemishes Serum 2% Salicylic Acid + 1% Zinc, £11.80.
As R29's junior fashion editor Georgia Murray can attest, this lightweight serum works wonders to bring down inflamed breakouts and clears skin fast. The 2% salicylic acid exfoliates deep inside pores to break up the paste-like mixture of dead skin cells, excess oil and grime. It's great for minimising blackheads, too.
The best Typology skincare product for removing makeup: 7-Ingredient Micellar Water, £12.80.
This feels similar to cult French favourite, Bioderma Sensibio H2O. It's just as gentle but cuts through heavy foundation and mascara, although it isn't best suited to waterproof formulas. Follow with a proper, water-based cleanse to eradicate all traces of makeup and grime.
The best Typology skincare product for dehydrated skin: Hydrating Serum 3% Hyaluronic Acid + 2% B5, £11.80.
Dehydrated skin feels tight and tends to appear dull but hyaluronic acid works to shuttle hydration into each layer, making skin plump and soft. The addition of vitamin B5 in this serum repairs damaged skin and keeps moisture under lock and key. Unlike other hyaluronic acid serums, it isn't too sticky, but you might want to follow with moisturiser for an added moisture boost.
The best Typology product for fine lines and scarring: Fine Lines & Wrinkles Serum 0.3% Retinol, £14.80.
Retinol encourages your skin to create fresh new cells fast so it's pro at minimising fine lines and red marks. This serum is ever so slightly oily in texture so is better suited to drier skin types, rather than spot-prone. If your skin reacts to oil, try Paula's Choice Clinical 0.3% Retinol + 2% Bakuchiol, £53, or The Inkey List Retinol Serum, £9.99.
The best Typology skincare product for dry skin: Dry Skin Serum 100% Squalane, £11.80.
Beauty experts extol the virtues of squalane for maintaining the skin's moisture barrier and increasing hydration. If your skin is prone to flaky, rough patches, treat it to a couple of drops of this in the morning and evening.
The best Typology product for even skin tone: Exfoliating Serum 10% Glycolic Acid, £11.80.
Most skin types can tolerate 10% glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (or AHA) which exfoliates the surface of the skin. It is especially beneficial for fading red skin staining left behind by spots. Apply this serum after cleansing and before moisturiser in the evening, two or three times a week to avoid irritation. And always wear SPF during the daytime, as acids can make skin sensitive to sunlight.
The best Typology skincare product for 'normal' skin: 9-Ingredient Face Moisturiser, £17.80.
If you're looking for a no-frills moisturiser, make it this one. Star ingredients include hydrating hyaluronic acid and moisturising glycerin to make skin appear dewy. Plus, the packaging is chic.
The Typology collection also boasts a Woman range to equip you with targeted skincare boosters should you experience skin changes such as acne or excess oil on or around your period, as well as shampoo and body care. While everything is super affordable and doesn't exceed the £25 mark (unless you purchase a skincare bundle), our only wish is that the Instagram-worthy tubes and bottles were a touch bigger. Serums are only 15ml but they are highly concentrated and the five-star reviews speak for themselves.
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