The Latest Viral TikTok Trend? Sharing #WeddingRules For Guests To Follow

Photographed by Anna Jay
Everyone's idea of the perfect wedding is slightly different, so it was only a matter of time before people started sharing their #weddingrules on TikTok.
And because wedding dos and don'ts is such an emotive subject, it's no surprise that the hashtag has gone viral with more than 33 million views.
TikTok creator @flossybaby didn't start the trend, but she's jumped right to the top with a video that's been liked 1.1 million times.
"No kids," she stipulates at the start. "This is not your family reunion. If you bring your kids you will be in the parking lot where you can live stream the wedding".
She then adds: "You must bring a gift – I am feeding you and there will be an open bar. If you show up empty-handed you will be joining the people in the parking lot."
She also specifies that every guest must recite a Nicki Minaj verse, suggesting that she's definitely being a little bit playful with her #weddingrules. Check out her full video below.
Another TikTok creator, @sidneylindler, says it's "perfectly fine" to bring your kids to her wedding, but adds: "Just watch 'em – if a drunk groomsman falls over the top of them, that's not my problem."
She's also perfectly happy to welcome plus ones, saying that "no one needs to be alone that night", but has a no-exceptions policy when it comes to wedding guests who arrive wearing white.
"My maid of honour is not scared of anything, she will make you leave," she adds in her video, which has more than 500,000 likes.

my wedding reception will be a party and nothing less ##wedding ##weddingrules ##ZodiacSign ##fyp

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TikTok creator @basicbrownchick1, whose #weddingrules video has more than 300,000 likes, is definitely stricter when it comes to plus ones.
"I don't want Tinder dates or blind dates or the guy you've been screwing for the last month at my wedding," she says. "I need to know everybody at my wedding."
Which, in fairness, is absolutely her prerogative.

yes I’m gonna be a bridezilla and no i don’t care because my wedding my way. ##weddingrules ##fyp ##foryou

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You can check out loads more popular #weddingrules videos on TikTok.

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