TikTok Is Launching A Job App For Gen Z

Photo: Refinery29
Do you ever feel as though it's TikTok's world – and the rest of us are just living in it? Well, the app's latest boss move sounds like another step towards digital domination: namely, an expansion into the recruitment market.
According to Axios, TikTok is testing a dedicated recruitment channel targeted at Gen Z users. It won't actually be part of the main app, but will be easily accessible from it.
This spin-off recruitment channel will reportedly allow brands to post job listings – in particular, entry-level roles appealing to Gen Z users. According to the report, "several big brands" have already been approached about getting involved.
It will also allow users to search for jobs and connect with potential employers, perhaps in a more direct way than on other recruitment sites liked LinkedIn.
Because it's aimed at the Gen Z job market, users will reportedly be invited to post a video résumé instead of a written CV. They'll also be able to share this video résumé to their main TikTok profile.
Though TikTok's recruitment channel sounds as though it's very much a work in progress, it's hard not to feel a little bit excited. After all, video résumés sound like a great way of displaying creativity to potential employers and bypassing some of the boring and drawn-out stages of a typical recruitment process.
It could even help to disrupt the job market in fields that are currently woefully lacking in diversity and dominated by thinly veiled nepotism.
In the meantime, we can continue using TikTok for everything from skincare advice to sleep hacks and breakfast trends – as well as to keep an eye on the dark side of Sylvanian Families, of course.

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