This TikTok Breakfast Trend Is Perfect For The Weekend

Photographed by Anna Jay
TikTok is becoming known for its viral recipes, and if there is one thing it really loves, it's a breakfast trend.
Following in the footsteps of baked oats, "nature's cereal" and pesto eggs – the latter approved by Captain America himself, Chris Evans – the latest morning routine hack sweeping the platform is the breakfast board.
Like so many TikTok food trends, it's really easy to recreate at home. Put simply, a breakfast board is like a charcuterie board, but filled with popular breakfast items. Think fluffy pancakes lined up next to slices of fresh fruit, crispy rashers of bacon, warm pastries and deliciously sticky pouring syrup.
As this tasty-looking platter shared by TikTok creator @danahassonn demonstrates, a breakfast board really is a feast for the eyes. It also makes for a fun sharing breakfast with friends or family members.
And the beauty of a breakfast board is its versatility. Creator @thingsbytaran shared this delicious-looking vegan breakfast board. The grapes and vegan chocolate definitely add an extra hint of indulgence here.
Meanwhile, creator @wearegirlswhoeat shared a bagel brunch board which skews more savoury than sweet and definitely looks substantial. With eggs, smoked salmon and sliced avocado providing a serious protein hit, this one would work well as a post-workout meal.
Of course, there's nothing stopping you making a breakfast board on a weekday, but something about the lavishness of the presentation just screams weekend. In a way, it's the sort of meal that's almost as much fun to put together as to eat. Happy breakfasting!

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