Why Supper Clubs Are A Surprisingly Great Way To Meet People

Most people who live in London don't take advantage of living in one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. And sure, often that's because things are just too expensive. But if you find yourself spending each weekend in the same pub, getting takeaway from the same place, then perhaps you could do with branching out, just a little.
Supper clubs are a really great way to do this. For starters, you have no idea who you'll be sharing a meal with. They are a fantastic place to meet new people. Fingers crossed (in a nice way) that you're seated next to someone outside your bubble – someone older, with different views on life, someone who could open your eyes to a different approach to living. Secondly, the food is always stunning. What maniac would start a supper club if they didn't have huge confidence in cooking for strangers? Thirdly, they're nearly always held in places you wouldn't usually get access to: other people's homes, abandoned Tube trains, secret locations... Wherever they are, it's probably somewhere cool enough to whet your nosey appetite.
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