The Sunburn Remedies Our Editors Swear By

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
For many of us, those first few days of summer make us forget all about the good work we've done all year to care for our skin. We happily take out our swimsuits, make our way to the beach, and become utterly intoxicated by the rush of vitamin D. It's a universal mistake: We go light on the sunscreen and maybe even purposely forget to reapply — all in the name of friends and coworkers noticing our newly-bronzed exteriors. But we all know what consequences happen next...
Surprise, surprise, you burned and now you're left to figure out how to treat skin that feels and looks like it's on fire. Luckily, there are numerous ways to treat and soothe your skin, from good ol' aloe vera to (gently) applying ice packs. To make life easier after any future incidents (because we make the same mistakes you do), we've rounded up our favourite go-to remedies.
Click ahead for the sunburn solutions our staffers swear by — because life happens.

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