10 Ways To Take Your Summer Makeup To The Next Level

Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage.
Trendy makeup often gets a bad rap. See, those who approach beauty as a way to enhance their best features often presume that newly-popular colours and textures aren't their speed. And those who see makeup as an artistic expression of self? They often avoid jumping on the most popular bandwagon for fear of blending in with everyone else.
We get it — but hear us out. While not every makeup trend is a winner for everyone (we’ll be sitting out feather and barbed wire brows, thank you), trying new products and styles is the best way to get out of a rut and find fresh, new inspiration when creating your unique aesthetic. As celebrity makeup artists are proving, now is a choice time to get in on burgeoning trends — because there are a lot of them right now.
Take vividly-coloured eye makeup. This trend is intimidating, sure, but there are tons of ways to try it, from sunset, denim and two-toned styles, to subtle, softer looks, many of which you'll find ahead. Even no-makeup makeup gets a fresh update when using a summertime staple in new ways.
Convinced yet? Click through our slideshow for nine ways to evolve your look this spring, no matter your aesthetic or personal take on makeup, all thanks to some of Hollywood’s best new makeup trends.

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