Starbucks’ Insta-Friendly Ruby Frappucino Is Finally Coming To The UK

Life during lockdown is all about small pleasures. As social distancing measures are gradually lifted, it's almost stupidly exciting to be able to do silly little things we missed – like fetching a Pret lunch or grabbing a takeaway coffee.
Starbucks stores across the country are beginning to reopen on a takeaway-only basis, and the coffee chain is celebrating by bringing one of its most Insta-friendly drinks to the UK: the Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino.
"The wait for an all-pink Frappuccino is over!" Starbucks writes on its website. "Introducing the Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino... It's the perfect blend of ruby chocolate pieces, raspberry syrup and topped with an all-pink whipped cream. A pink dream!"
This admittedly very pretty pink drink is already available in various countries worldwide and becoming a big hit on the 'gram.
The Ruby Flamingo Frappucino will officially launch in UK Starbucks stores on 4th June. Is it a bit basic to be craving one already? Oh, probably – but who cares? If you can't embrace your basic right now, when can you embrace your basic?
It's worth noting, though, that all Starbucks stores in the UK which have reopened are currently only accepting orders through the app in a bid to minimise contact between staff and customers.
Millennial pink drinks are expected to become a hot trend once again this summer. Rosé prosecco has just been approved by Italy's National Wine Committee for the first time and will surely be popping in parks all over the world in the coming months.

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