11 Haircuts That Make The Big Chop Much Less Scary

Photo: George Pimentel/Getty Images.
Once upon a time, the big chop was a frightening, stressful notion for women who were thinking about going natural. Being bald doesn't work for everyone, they said. Pretty hair is long and full, they claimed. Luckily, with the natural hair movement still pushing ahead full steam, there have been plenty of naturalistas who've flipped that notion upside down.
Yes, people still get buzzcuts for their big chop (and they all look beautiful, for the record) but these days, they're looking a little different — and a lot doper. Translation: You don't have to shave your whole head to start your curl pattern over again. And yes, you can colour without ruining the health of your hair, too.
If you're still a little sceptical about the big chop, just scroll on to see some celebrities who beat you to the punch. Plus, get further insight on the looks — and on colouring, the right way — from some of our favourite stylists.

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