5 Times Your Vagina Needs To Take A Break From Sex

Photographed by Kate Anglestein.
When you get any sort of vaginal infection, whether or not you verbalize it to your doctor, the thing you may prioritise is: Okay, but when can I have sex again? It totally depends on what you're treating, but in most cases, a little break from boning will do your vagina some good, says Cheryl Iglesias, MD, an OB/GYN and professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine.
You might be thinking: Well, it doesn't bother me or my partner, so can we just do it anyways? Assuming you're not in pain, even if you're totally unfazed by the odors and discharges that are often symptoms of an infection, that doesn't mean there aren't real medical reasons why you should refrain from sexy times until you're healed, she says.
In most cases, you can get back to banging a few days after you have an infection, but that's really only if you're actually treating it and you're not experiencing any discomfort, Dr. Iglesias says. Telling your partner that your vagina is out of commission can be a bummer for all parties, but it's almost always worth the wait in the long run: The quicker you treat it, the faster you can get back to your usual sex routine. Here are some common medical situations that call for a sex break.

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