6 Writers On The Sex Lies They’ve Told

Photographed by Kate Anglestein.
Sex can be the most basic, carnal experience. But it can also be a game of theatre. Candid conversations with friends about our sex lives will often reveal that a lot of people tell fibs before, after and during – in order to fool ourselves or our partners that we are enjoying ourselves, and that everything is conforming happily to the idea of what we're told sex should be.
Some of us edit our appearance: "I'm just naturally this groomed", "This AP lingerie? Oh, it's just my basics." And feign enjoyment to save our partner's feelings: "Babe, that was the best", "Nope, never squirted before." We concoct exit strategies for when we just need some space; if I'd actually gone into work as early as I've pretended to on all those occasions, I'd definitely be due a raise.
In the bedroom, the truth is more bendy than Kama Sutra, but at what point does a white lie fade to grey? What are the lies we wish we hadn't told? And what would have happened if we'd just come out with the truth? Ahead, six writers share the worst lies they've told in the bedroom...
*Names have been changed.

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