The Wedding Day: Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

Photo: New York Post Archives.
WHEN: May 19th, 1997 WHERE: Angel Oresanz Synagogue, NYC WHAT HAPPENED: Before the age of Manolos and Mr. Big, SJP was best known as the ex of Robert Downey Jr. and for small but hilarious performances in The First Wives Club and Mars Attacks! The older millennials out there may also remember her as that angel-voiced flirty witch we all wanted to be in Hocus Pocus. Broderick was the brat-pack star who had moved on to a big career on Broadway. The couple met when they worked at the same theatre company (natch) and hit it off immediately. Shunning the spotlight, their nuptials took place on a Monday night: a very low-key civil ceremony in one of New York’s oldest, deconsecrated synagogues. Broderick’s sister, an episcopalian priest, performed the vows. THE DRESS: Once confessing to Marie Claire that she was "too embarrassed to get married in white", Parker shunned convention and opted for a black, ruffled Morgane Le Fay dress paired with teal velvet Robert Clergerie shoes. No Westwood or bird headpiece in sight!

Keeping all details meticulously under wraps, a select group of 100 guests turned up at the venue expecting a party and instead were surprised with a wedding. No reported celebrity guests but apparently in a nod to the couples’ Broadway credentials, show tunes were sung very loudly until 2am. HAPPILY EVER AFTER? Abso-fuckin-lutely! Although they’ve remained famously tight-lipped about the inner goings on of their relationship, Broderick and Parker are still heralded as one of Hollywood’s strongest partnerships, having been married 19 years with three children and a fabulous array of homes in New York’s West Village, The Hamptons and Ireland. The secret to their success? Broderick once revealed in an interview: "We really are friends beyond everything else.”

A year ago on my birthday . And nothing has changed. Thanks husband for a perfect day. X, sj

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