3 Meals You Can Cook For Just One Person

Photo: SOLO: The Joy of Cooking for One
Literally all home cooking experiences are geared towards a happy family or a smiling, co-habiting couple.
"Serves four" the recipe book will inform you, judgily, alongside a picture of a beautifully set table replete with candles and four place settings for your non-existent partner and two delightful but imaginary children. "Dine in for £10" says Marks & Spencer of its deal for two of sea bass, alright wine, side of red cabbage and a dessert.
Pretty much the only dining experience you're left with as a solo person is a Tesco Meal Deal and, while a tuna sandwich and a packet of Monster Munch may do the job sometimes, it's hardly the warm, comforting meal you want on a cold evening at home.
Cooking for yourself should be a pleasure, and a joy. It shouldn't be buying extra ingredients you don't need only to decant the leftovers into countless Tupperwares which will inevitably get lost at the back of your fridge.
Which is why we're thrilled with a new book called Solo by Signe Johansen, a Norwegian chef who's mastered the art of recipes that are suitable for just one person – and that person is you.
Click through to find three recipes from Signe that are to be enjoyed all by yourself.

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