For All You People Who Hate Coats, Here’s Your Cold-Weather Styling Move

There's a certain person who hates wearing coats so much that they'll suffer through uncomfortable commutes until they just can't anymore and succumb to the cold. And there's always that person waiting for the subway who's just chilling (quite literally) in their work outfit while the rest of us are bundled in our warmest. If you're that person, listen up.
You know better than most just how little time you actually spend outdoors compared to the amount of time you spend peeling off layers and squeezing back into them. Coats take up room, they slow you down, and force you to stand in a coat check line, too. But there's one styling secret that some coats-averse ladies opt for on days when you're running in and out so often that you can't be bothered with layers: the outdoor turtleneck. Super-warm, super-cozy, and with a neck that you can pull up and hide your ears in, this sweater keeps you warm enough to sprint from the door to your car — and you can still keep it on indoors for short periods of time. You can even wrap it around your waist or shoulders when things get too balmy. When it comes to what to wear with the rest of it, let the following ladies be your muse.

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