One Styling Tip That Instantly Improves Your Look

This is going to sound crazy, but hear us out: It's time to stop wearing your clothes how they're supposed to be worn. Actually, it's been this way for a while now — "fashion people" have refused to wear their coats properly in years. Over the past few seasons, we've seen women wear jackets over their shoulders, around their elbows, and more. And in its latest variation, tugging it slightly off one shoulder seems to be the way to go.
Seriously: Your outfit could be totally mediocre, and all of a sudden, with your jacket falling off just so, it'll look like you tried less (and yes, that's a good thing these days). Remember that "rule" that says to always take one thing off before you walk out the door? Well, we're taking it and flipping it on its head. Next time you get dressed, take one piece half off. And if it looks like an accident, well, you're doing it right.

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