Nina Parker’s Alternative Christmas Recipes

I am always roped into cooking for the family at Christmas because of what I do, and although I enjoy doing this, it still means that I have to do quite a lot of planning to make sure everything goes smoothly. For me, cakes and sliders are key to making the meals more exciting and every year I love to experiment with the classic ingredients of the season.
At my house we do turkey on Christmas day and a goose on Boxing Day and the two side dishes ahead are perfect for both occasions. The carrots are especially stress-free because you can make them earlier and simply warm them up in a hot oven with their sweet syrup making them the ultimate carrot sliders. I have made sprouts hundreds of different ways but I always seem to come back to this quick recipe. This year I've added sprout flowers to the format which add a welcome splash of colour to the famous Christmas vegetable and will go heavenly with any plate of turkey and gravy.
I am also sharing my favourite, the one and only Christmas tipple, spiced mulled wine with blackberries made using xylitol. This makes the drink a little less sweet but it definitely doesn’t skip on flavour. It goes wonderfully with my spelt mince pies, which will be a permanent fixture in the Parker household this Christmas. I must mention though, the pies are a particular favourite with dads; you have been warned.
I hope you enjoy them and have a very Happy Christmas!
Love Nina x

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