Styling Tips From My So-Called Life‘s Rayanne

OK, it might have been Claire Danes’ Angela whose so-called life we were glued to in 1995 but it was her rebellious best friend Rayanne whose wardrobe we wanted to raid. A girl who had never come across the adage “less is more”, Rayanne was a whirlwind of plaid, sequins and plaits; her outfits almost as loud as she was.
Rayanne was, of course, a troubled student. Genuinely thrilled to be awarded the title of “most slut potential” by her classmates, she did the dirty with Angela’s long-time crush and ended up in hospital after a house party got out of control.
But the looks! A little bit ‘90s grunge, a little bit charity shop chic, she made me want to paint my DM boots and dye a white streak in the front of my hair. Ah, her hair. Always busier than Taylor Swift’s PR team, in one scene she looks into the school bathroom mirror and laments her locks, saying: "OK, should I rat it, spray it, tease it, freeze it, spike it, shave it, or shove it?” And you thought there was just up or down.
Scroll through for an ode to Liberty High’s alt-style queen.

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