3 Delicious Palestinian Recipes To Make This Week

Photographed by Matt Russell
Yasmin Khan's Zaitoun is stunning. Like, it's the sort of book you'll "accidentally" leave out when people come over because it looks so good on your coffee table.
But it's not just a recipe book. Exploring the food of Palestine, it is also a love letter to the Palestinian people she travelled amongst many times whilst working as a human rights campaigner, gathering stories and recipes.
"Some are classic dishes taught to me by Palestinian grandmothers; others are my interpretations of meals I ate in restaurants or at the homes of my friends," she writes. "What unites them all is a celebration of the flavours rooted in the rich tradition of Palestinian cookery." Most of them, she notes are brought together by the olive or "zaitoun" – hence the name of the book.
FYI, the recipes here are all vegan so hopefully everyone can enjoy them, but there are plenty of non-vegan choices in the book as well.

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