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Top Athletes Get Real About Their Periods

Flashback to school and first getting our periods. How many of us found it hard to participate in PE when we were menstruating, either due to painful cramps or sheer horror at the thought of visible pads or leaking through our kit? Equally hard was telling anyone why we felt unable to participate because it was usually met with an eye roll – we had to be making an excuse, right?
Sadly, society has prohibited period talk to the point where teenage girls would rather sit out sport altogether. According to a global survey conducted by PUMA and Modibodi®, half of all girls skip sport due to their period – with three quarters experiencing anxiety and a lack of concentration due to fear of leaking.
The time has come to tackle the taboo and open up the conversation. Offering those who menstruate an alternative to disposable sanitary products, as well as the ability to stay active without the fear of leaking, the new PUMA x Modibodi® active period-proof underwear range is a game-changer. In a world where it’s deemed inappropriate for women to even mention their periods, three top athletes are breaking the silence. We caught up with them on why it’s about bloody time we shout loud and proud about our cycles…

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