3 Meals You Can Make For Under £5, In Less Than 10 Minutes

Is it just me, or do you find those people on Instagram who spend their Sundays laboriously batch-cooking their weekly meals into perfectly aesthetic, identical portions, slightly panic-inducing? How on earth do people manage that level of organisation in their lives?
For me, there's barely enough time in the week to stay on top of what’s new on Netflix, let alone cook dinner every night. I know, deep down, that having every meal prepped would help me enormously, but realistically, that's just not how I'm going to spend my spare time.
And so I figured out a solution to my weeknight dinner woes. And that is to have a few cheap, easy meals in your back pocket, usually shortcuts of classic dishes, that are ready to eat in the time it takes for a bottle of supermarket red to breathe.
Click through to see a few that I've made up over the years.

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