Karlie Kloss Says She Treats Herself Like An Athlete In Her Daily Life

Photo: Courtesy of Adidas.
It's no secret that Karlie Kloss is one of our sportiest and most athletic supermodels; after all, there's a reason why she was chosen as the face of Adidas by Stella McCartney's autumn 2016 campaign.

Now the 24-year-old former Victoria's Secret Angel has shared her approach towards health and fitness in a new interview, outlining an attitude that sounds super-dedicated yet still sensible.

"Even if I’m not an Olympian in Rio right now, I treat myself as an athlete in my daily life," she tells The Sunday Times. "I challenge myself, try new things in my strength training and cardio. I try to be the best I can, whether it’s my fitness routine or how I think about food and nutrition."

"I want to feel strong," Kloss adds. "That's when I feel best."

Asked how many hours a week she spends actually breaking into a sweat, Kloss tells The Sunday Times. "I’d say five to seven hours. Which is totally doable. I always say the hardest part is putting your gym clothes on. But no matter how long and exhausting your travel or your work was, if you can get yourself there and give it whatever you’ve got, it will be worth it. You will feel better afterwards."

Though many of us may struggle to find five to seven hours a week for exercise, there's no denying that the fundamentals of Kloss's approach make a lot of sense: Keep challenging yourself, try to get into your gym kit when you can, and you will feel better for it.

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